Mar 5

Employer in The Foyer: Huntress

Start time:   11:00
End time:   16:00
Location:   Bannerman Foyer (outside library)
Department:   All
Aimed at:   All Students

Mar 20

Engineering PhDs opportunities with NSIRC

Start time:   13:00
End time:   14:00
Location:   LC063
Department:   Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering;Department of Chemical Engineering;Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering;Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Aimed at:   All Postgraduates, Level 3 Undergraduates, GRAD

May 24

Summer Placement, Careers & Part-time Work Fair

Start time:   12:00
End time:   15:00
Location:   Hamilton Centre (Above Santander)
Department:   All
Aimed at:   All Students